FESSH - EFSHT Congress 2020


2020 Jun 3 - 08:00 to 2020 Jun 6 - 16:00


Congress Center Basel

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Basel for the joint FESSH-EFSHT-Congress 2020! On behalf of the Swiss Society for Hand Therapy SGHR/SSRM, we are very much looking forward to hosting the 13th Congress of the European Federation for Societies of Hand Therapy (EFSHT).
This triennial combined congress will take place in conjunction with the European Federation for Societies of Hand Surgery (FESSH). The joint sessions will highlight and enhance the importance of the collaboration between surgeons and therapists in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.
The therapist’s sessions will focus on a wide range of hand therapy topics and aspects of the therapeutic process through keynote lectures, focused symposia and workshops. We aim to create a congress program which is relevant to every therapist working in the field of hand therapy: for clinicians, managers, researchers and educators.
Socializing with colleagues and peers, as well as sharing knowledge and experiences are important and valuable parts of the joint FESSH-EFSHT congress. With its beautiful old medieval town on the shores of the Rhine river, its animated, cultural and vibrant urban activities of a university town, the city of Basel will provide the perfect frame for all social activities.
We hope you will join us in Basel and we look forward to welcoming you!

Vera Beckmann-Fries and Marianne von Haller
EFSHT Congress Presidents