Evelyn Mackin Triennial Award

Evelyn Mackin Award winners 2016

This award was established in 2010 to honour Evelyn Mackin, the first president of IFSHT and a leader in the development of hand therapy worldwide. The submission date for applications for Berlin 2019 has now passed and successful recipients will be contacted very soon.

The award supports one or more therapists to attend the next IFSHT Triennial Congress from a country where hand therapy is developing and does not currently hold full membership in IFSHT. The recipient is someone who is a potential leader of hand therapy in their country who may otherwise not have the resources to attend. Applicants for this award must not receiving funds from another source. In 2016, again five therapists were fully sponsored to attend the triennial congress.

2016 Five award winners: Marcela Antunez (Chile), Gabriela Granados Garcia (Mexico), Patricia Llaguno (Ecuador), Tarannum Siddiqui (Nepal) and Jose Ma. Rafael Ramos (Philippines). These winners are shown in the photograph in this order (left to right) with Sarah Ewald, Immediate Past President IFSHT
2013 Five award winners: Sokny Leang (Cambodia), Sumantra Ray (Bangladesh), Apsara Ghirmire (Nepal), Yuting Zhang (China) and Kalyani Hemalatha (Sri Lanka).
2010 One award winner: Nelly Salas Basilo (Peru)

Thank you to all our sponsors of the Evelyn Mackin award. Sponsors included Hand Rehabilitation Foundation (USA), HandLab (USA), Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC) and MANY Individual Hand Therapists from all corners of the world. At the age of 90 Evelyn Mackin, the first President of IFSHT, attended the congress and was honoured by IFSHT and IFSSH at the Reflections of Legends Session.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please follow this link Evelyn Mackin Triennial Award