IFSHT/IFSSH Triennial Congress Travel Grant - Berlin 2019

IFSHT has limited designated funds available to provide partial financial support for therapists to attend the IFSHT Triennial Congress. Therapists from countries with limited resources and those who are presenting at the congress are given priority. Applications for the IFSHT/IFSSH Triennial Congress Travel Bursary for Berlin 2019 will be available in the run up to the Congress. We are currently (early 2018) working on the timelines and anticipate more information being posted here soon. The documents below were from the 2016 congress and are here for information only. These will be updated and posted in 2018 for the 2019 Berlin Congress.

Funding of this award is through money raised at our previous Triennial Congress Silent Auction and additional donations. If you would like to donate, please click this link Triennial Congress Travel Grant

2016 - IFSHT/IFSSH Triennial Congress Travel Grant - Buenos Aires
The Triennial Congress Travel Award designated funds to assist 17 therapists to attend the Congress in Buenos Aires. This included two from Brazil, five from Columbia, two from South Africa and one from each of Australia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Iran, Kenya, Spain, UK and Venezuela.

2013 - IFSHT/IFSSH Triennial Congress Travel Grant - Delhi
For the 2013 Congress we were able to designate funds for assistance for ten international therapist registrations. This included three therapists from Argentina, two Indian therapists studying abroad and one therapist each from Canada, UK, USA and The Netherlands.

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