Accredited Hand Therapist (BAHT)

There are numerous routes to AHT (BAHT). The most common route is to attend a Level I "Introduction to Hand Therapy" course (three days) and pass an exam on the final day. This course is aimed at therapists with less than two years hand therapy experience. The second stage is to attend and pass three Level II courses. These courses are three days on a particular topic such as The Wrist, The PIPJ, Fractures, Tendon Injuries, Work Related Upper Limb Disorders, The Rheumatoid Hand, Imaging, The Thumb and many others. The final stage is to do a Level III project which can be a small piece of research, a work-based project or a literature review. Once the therapist has accrued these modules, a portfolio is presented with evidence of the number of hours of hand therapy experience. Successful candidates are awarded the Accredited Hand Therapist (BAHT) qualification.
There are alternative routes to accreditation including MSc.
Non UK based therapists are welcomed at the Level I and Level II courses which are held all over the UK.
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British Association of Hand Therapists

Certificate or Credits Earned: 

Accredited Hand Therapist (BAHT)

Length of Programme: 


Admission Requirements: 

OT or Physio

Contact Name: 

Eve Dunn


IP12 9EX WOODBRIDGE, , Suffolk
United Kingdom
Suffolk GB