Post-Graduate Diploma in Hand Therapy

Based on biopsychosocial model, it is intended that students be able to use advanced theoretical/practical knowledge and suitable tools for performing and providing excellent care applied on many upper limb dysfunctions, reaching the following objectives:

- Develop the ability to critically evaluate and reflect about practice in hand therapy;
- Critically review the theory behind the hand therapy;
- Contribute to develop knowledge in this specific area.
- Develop understanding of research methods;
- Develop personally and professionally;
- Make improvements in clinical practice and research in hand therapy;
- Discuss mechanisms of traumatic injury and illness in the upper limb;
- Discuss independently and systematically, as the various therapeutic interventions can support and improve the function, activity and participation after traumatic injury and illness in the upper limb.


Polytechnic Institute of Leiria - School of Health Sciences

Certificate or Credits Earned: 


Length of Programme: 

1620 Hours

Admission Requirements: 

Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy Degree

Contact Name: 

Maria Dulce Gomes


Campus 2 - Morro do Lena - Alto do Vieiro
2411-901 Leiria Leiria ,